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Your Dreams Matter, YDM Network – Who and What They Are

YDM Network, Your Dreams Matter!

Last Sunday, I was interviewed by LauraLMe and Eric a.k.a. EDubb on YDM Network.  It was a great experience and an honor and a privilege to interview with them.  YDM Network is a great team with fantastic shows; furthermore, the best part is their motto: Your Dreams Matter!   When I told friends and family I was being interviewed by YDM Network they asked,  “What is this radio show?”

Currently, there are four shows running on this network that leads to varied indie interests, artists and their dreams. Sunday’s show is a strong indication of the variety of their guests.  During the first twenty minutes Laura, Chris, and I discussed Indie It Press, Early Out, and I read an excerpt of my book. After that we discussed gay rights activism and my family.  Directly after me was Matthew Faerber Coordinator of the VisLab NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  He discussed science that was WAY over my head.  (Laura even mentioned after Matthew’s interview that she took notes in order to study up on what he was discussing.) Matthew also discussed kids and the importance of engaging them in the sciences.  After that, Andres Jaramillo, the Co-founder of ARwerks discussed his new app that is “augmented reality”. This augmented reality allows anyone with a Droid or iPhone to be involved and engaged in life instantly, to anywhere from anywhere.  Andres is working with the Heisman Trophy Award to utilize his ARwerks APP.  Most of my guy friends will go APE NUTS over this!  To top it off, the listener got to hear LauraLME’s Verses In Motion poetry and music during the start and end of the show.

A week prior to my interview, I spoke to LauraLME on the phone (Italy meets Montana), when I asked her to tell me more about YDM and the shows they produce.  We chatted for quite sometime about their vision and that dreams matter, especially in the younger generations.  We must encourage their forward vision and thoughts to help them become a reality. She sent me some fantastic information about the creation of YDM, who is involved, and their four different shows.

This is the scoop indie lovers, the details of who and what YDM NETWORK’S show is about.  I want to give A special shout out to LauraLME for providing me with all of this great information and THANKS for having me on the show!

YDM Network, formerly known as GetYourz Radio, was born recently as the result of a father & son conversation about how important it is to pursue one’s dreams and how wonderful it is to help others pursue theirs, especially young people. Dreams matter because they are the essence of our creativity, the thoughts of imaginative plans and the beautiful expression of our talent.

Shows on YDM Network

Pls note: we do not have exact broadcasting times as we all do this when we possible…

 VIM radio Show logo aug 2013


Hosted by EDubb, Cecilia Francisquini and LauraLME (click here to check out previous VIM shows) Talk show about poetry, fiction, books, book releases and reviews, spirituality, emerging technologies, where music plays an essential role in the form of songs/tracks and DJ Mixes from all over the world.

 photo copy 2

2) The NewsStand Radio Show on YDM Network 

News, music, sports and more from all over the world hosted by Steve Armstrong and EDubb.

photo copy 3 

3) Mecca Muzik radio show on YDM Network  

Hosted by EDubb and MellowDramatic

“Music plays a big part in our life, it is a universal language understood all over the world, of course, you have art, dance and many other forms of expression but for me music inspires all creativity. Personally Hip Hop has been very big in my life and Mecca Muzik will show that! MM is not just about Hip Hop, it’s about uniting and accomplishing things through a common ground. Mecca means a place that attracts people of a particular group or with a particular interest: Mecca Muzik is that place hope to see you around!”
Eric (EduBB) founder of YDM Network

Soundwaves YDM

4) SoundWaves by Verses In Motion

Great Music ~waves~ by SuperTalented DJs from all over the world!

Click here to listen to previous SW shows 

YDM Team

Little Eric is a graduate at Long Beach High School, Long Island, NY. He loves basketball, music and fashion. Almost a year ago, talking to his father, Eric expressed the desire to create a platform where other kids could find inspiration and motivation to pursue their dreams. That’s how the name “Your Dreams Matter” was originally thought of. Thanks to Little Eric for letting us use his creation.

Eric (Edouble002 on Twitter and on FB ), AKA EDubb, Founder of YDM Network (Formerly known as GetYourz Radio), Host of “Mecca Muzik” (check out Mecca Muzik on Twitter), “Feel Tha Pulse” and co-host of the brand new show “The NewsStand” coming soon on YDM Network.

Cecilia (@AllElementsBabe on Twitter and Cecilia GetYourzBabe on FB)   One of the founders of YDM Network (Your Dreams Matter) formerly known as GetYourz World Radio and K.N.O.W Foundation (Kids Need Our Wisdom, K.N.O.W. on FB). Radio host/co-host of Feel Tha Pulse, VIM (Verses In Motion) & Mecca Muzik. Chef, Photographer, Event Planner. Supporter of ALL ELEMENTS of creativity!

LauraLME (@LauraLME on Twitter and Laura Lme @ Verses In Motion on FB), founder of Verses In Motion, author, poet, spoken word recording artist (@PoeticBeatz), Digital Marketing consultant and Social Media strategist @MetrorecWW, passionate about Emerging Technologies and Augmented Reality and creator/writer/co-host of VIM radio show, on YDM Network.

Mellow Dramatic, who’s real name is Kevin Rivers, was born in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in South Carolina. Mellow is an Artist dedicated to his craft and true to his sound, he chooses not to follow the mainstream opinion of what is IN today. Mellow is the Co-Host of  “Mecca Muzik” (check out Mecca Muzik on Twitter) on YDM Network.

First album: “Closed Caption-State of Mind”Street Album: “Live Reality Rap”Street Album: “CalligRAPhy Arts” out now!!!Click here for Free Download of “Caligraphy Arts”

Mellow’s latest piece of work for everyone to enjoy!

Steve Armstrong @BiggMan70 on twitter and Steve on FB)  Photographer, creator and host of the brand new radio show “The NewsStand” on YDM Network.

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YDM Team is working on writing and producing new radio shows, keep watching this space:

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  1. THANK YOU, Leisa! It was a great pleasure/honour to have you on VIM Radio show, looking forward to talking again soon and welcoming you back on VIM, to celebrate the release of your upcoming book. YOU ROCK!!!!

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