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Verses In Motion by Laura LME: Forever a Peaceful Warrior

I’ve often pondered about one mysterious woman, Laura LME, who dedicates her books “To All Peaceful Warriors” and signs her emails “forever a Peaceful Warrior”.  I read some of her poetry and beheld beautiful art from her book “Verses In Motion”.  It’s mesmerizing and breathtaking; it’s an  inward journey.  I want to thank Laura up front for sharing with me and readers everywhere her “pioneering poetic style”, her inspiration, and her journey. To me, the forever a Peaceful Warrior still remains a bit of a mystery, that’s a good thing.


VIM Book Cover Lg300dpi(Reality) Explosion


It was a crash!


unexpected collision.

It sounded like thunder,

it smelled like storm,

it played like strong beats,

it looked like shreds of flesh

drops of blood

floating rags,

in the wind of unknown lands

blowing against far away skies.

My earthly refuge was invaded

my heavenly home was attacked

my path was crossed

Then the explosion…

Red flames and yellow screams

grey clouds black smoke.

Roads and buildings became dust

Like sand of deserts

running through my hands.

Silence took over,

Quiet like hope.

Still like patience.

White mantle

of the inevitable sound of never…

Verses In Motion Poetry and Photography by @LauraLME

IMG_1146I have always pushed the boundaries of poetry, pioneering the creation and the depth of a contemporary poetic style, melting musical vibes, breathtaking images and inspirational universal messages. I see Poetry as the exact reflected image of the soul, the representation of the inner parallel life. Poetry, to me, is much more than just a literary genre, more than writing or reading, it is the essence of our “being human”, a condition, a form of artistic expression, involving mind, heart and soul, a flow of inspirational waves, words, sounds, emotions, memories, it’s instinctive and universal, it’s about colors and nuances of life events.

I started writing at the age of 13, at the same time when deeper and selected reading started… The first book I ever read, when I was 7, The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry is still, to this very day, the one book I always recommend anyone to read, at any age.

“Sharing” is definitely one of my goals, and by sharing I don’t only mean to promote-spread the word about my own writing. I founded Verses In Motion in 1987 as an offline cultural group based in London, a few years later the web groups were created on FB, LinkedIn and Twitter. Today Verses In Motion web circles are followed by thousands of people.

I strongly believe that Artists must be messengers of love, peace, spirituality and activism in all fields of social awareness and I make sure that all artists, at VIM groups, find a special, safe place where they can meet, share, inform,and  inspire. This concept is also what Verses in Motion Show, is all about.

I love reading poetry: Alda Merini, Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, Charles Baudelaire, Emily Dickinson, E.E. Cummings, Giovanni Pascoli, Giacomo Leopardi, Dante Alighieri, are among my favorites.

I write about life, love, soul journeys, conscious and unconscious dreams, immersed in music.

“Words that should always stay with a poet and with all artists are: courage, humility, awareness, creative

expression, support, respect, open heart and soul”

Laura LME, forever a Peaceful Warrior!


Music is essential to Laura’s creations and her recent work is an EP of poetry in music, “Absolute ° Gravity“ (Ultrasonic Music Germany), out now on all major digital stores, is a wonderful collaboration with Musicians/Producers Cass Ferre and Tom Cloverfield.  She’s also a part of @PoeticBeatz, studio project founded in 2011, where Laura’s Verses In Motion meet Tom Cloverfield’s Ultrsonic music. Listen to some of their creations on Fandalism.



Her recent publication “Verses In Motion” (self-published via her own VIM Media Publications), is a digital collection of poetry with the beautiful photography of Anna Simi.  The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle  And on iTunes.

You can find Laura and her “Verses In Motion” on Twitter: @LauraLME @VersesInMotion

Facebook Group And Facebook Page or on her own website/blog as well as YouTube



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  1. Jonathan Thesarious Hilarious says:

    Poetry is another way to express, find and evaluate yourself. Instead of keeping it in, you allowed it to all hang out and put it out on full display for everyone to see. It is something which you want to share and not be selfish by hording it. You have let it all hang out and be revitalized within with the thought that someone else will read it.

    • Indie It Gal says:

      Johnathan, Thank you for commenting. Sharing is vital yet very difficult for some artists to do. Laura is (in my opinion) incredibly brave. I admire her so for, it isn’t until recently I’ve started writing the ‘naked truth’ for everyone to see. Laura is an inspiration to me and other artists all over the world. Thank you for supporting indie artists. Leisa

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