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The Twitter Evolution

Twitter-best wayThe twitter evolution is triggering a chain reaction in me I find nearly unstoppable.  It shocks me that I only started using twitter less than a year ago.  I was taught how to tweet by my son Dustin.  He told me there was no way my eZine  would be successful or, my book have a following without a great twitter handle and tweeting in my life.  It was a HARD sell at first.  “You’ve got to be kidding me!?” was the first thing uttered out of my mouth and, the second, “Where and how do I find the time?” And yes, I have discussed this topic ad nauseam with other writers instead of taking that time to write.  Nevertheless,  what I am learning is that tweeting is becoming invaluable to me.

I consider the twitter evolution phenomenon rather bizarre and magical at the same time. Imagine my surprise when I get an inbox of an indie publisher and YA writer where he tells me that he is on his way to Montana and would love to have a face-to-face meeting.  If this was online dating my head sirens would be flashing “NO WAY!”  Instead I was excited, intrigued, and sent Paul my direct email for contact and he emailed giving me a date, time, and place exchanging phone numbers right away.

True to his word @PaulAertker and I met at Liquid Planet, a local coffee shop, while he was on his family vacation in Montana.  Unlike online dating, I knew it was him immediately from his photo on his twitter account and he recognized me as well.  We laughed about the whole online dating scene and one of my bad unrecognizable dates at that same coffee shop.  We purchased coffee, mine was iced, his was hot.  We talked about his family and his vacation, as well as what I was up to.  Paul queried me about my eZine and where I want it to go.  What do I see its future being or looking like.  Imagine my surprise when after I told him my dream for the future of the eZine he said, “How can I help you make Indie It Press successful?”  He said it, better yet, he meant it! We discussed what I could do, what he could do to help me, and the future role of twitter and social media playing an integral part in our own growth as writers and indie publishers with the connections we are making.Twitter_icon-1

I understand my meeting him may seem bizarre to some of you.   To him it was putting a real person behind the twitter handle @IndieItGal and for both of us it was making a face-to-face solid connection.  It put our helping each other, as indie publishers and writers through social media, on a more personal level.  We discussed the possibility of meeting other people we tweet with as we travel the states or, the world.  It is banding together in helping others to become successful,to fulfill their dreams, and it’s taking the time to really get to know the great people we’ve connected with in generous twitter-land.

The whole twitter evolution is an incredible phenomenon.  It is strangers or, people we barely know but have some sort of small commonality with, continuously paying it forward.  I can’t say I totally understand it, but I love it.  Maybe twitter wasn’t like this years ago and maybe it has evolved. Or, maybe, just maybe, people are willing to be genuine and give back.

I’ve made solid connections in the twitter world. They are artists, authors, writers, promoters, and great supporters that I have made through this strange, instant-gratification form of social media.  My first official interview came from a twitter connection @LydiaAswolf.  Many of the posts on Indie It Press are by passionate people I met on twitter including, Casey Ryan, @CuttingRoomMRB.  I found this incredible article by 186@Rachelintheoc, “Read this Before You Violate the Twitter Rules! (Yes, there are rules)” , on twitter.  I have a number of people on twitter encouraging me to keep writing my memoir and that my family’s story is important and needs to be told.  My life is evolving and, I can honestly say, much of it is directly due to connections this @IndieItGal has made with  140 character tweets, one tweet at a time.


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Share around as usual…enjoy 🙂 ))

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  1. Paul Aertker says:

    Leisa. It was wonderful meeting you and I can’t wait to collaborate on all sorts of Indie projects. Independent artists are lucky to be working with you. 🙂 Paul

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