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The Naked Way by Chris Henry

IMG_4127 (2) (640x427)  The Naked Way, a novel by Chris Henry –  Download free through October 26th available through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing–The Naked Way
I recently met Chris on twitter which is a great way to meet fellow writers, and he sent me the first chapter of his book.  I read it out loud to my Generation X-er fiance because the language, as I read it in my head, was so beautiful I needed to vocalize it.  After I finished the chapter my fiance said, “Wow, incredible.  He is really good!  Are you going to put him on the eZine honey?”

I am extremely captivated by this new young author.  His writing is fluid and mesmerizes you from the start.  I will be reading the rest of “The Naked Way” because I am captured to do so.  The characters are strong and the theme of music in this book really intrigues me.  I highly suggest this book, and lucky you it’s available TODAY!  Congratulation Chris!  Thank you for posting about your new indie published book on Indie It Press.  It truly is an ‘It’ book to get.  Leisa Greene ~ Indie It Gal

tnw kdp coverThe Naked Way is a literary vision quest through an early 1990s world of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

The Naked Way is about music – music as culture, music as ritual, music as conduit for forces and energies beyond rational understanding.   The story follows the fate of a band called The Naked Way, who stood at the crossroads of history and made a sound like all the angels and all the devils fighting for the soul of the world.

The Naked Way is about love and damage.   It’s about the romance that ruins us for anyone else – until it simply ruins us.  It’s about the light that shines through at the broken places, and about the bottomless need we bring to every embrace.   It’s about being young and intoxicated by freedom and coming out of your skin with desire and passion and horror at the evil and the beauty of the world.

The Naked Way is about characters you’ll never forget:

Gwen – Witty, educated, and strikingly beautiful, Gwen comes from a wealthy family and has the world at her fingertips.  Taking a trip away from home to “find herself,” she instead finds love on the wrong side of the tracks when she meets Eli.  Beneath Gwen’s sunny façade, a dark secret has shattered her personality into a hundred jagged pieces.  When true love finds her, will her painful past keep her from accepting it?  Or can love put the pieces of her soul back together again?

Alexander – Alexander is the charismatic, seductive lead singer of the brilliant underground rock band The Naked Way.  His powerful vocals, brilliant lyrics and electric stage presence  – part shaman, part snake-oil salesman – have brought The Naked Way to the verge of greatness and fame.  Alexander has women at his feet and the future of rock and roll in his hands.  His madness gives the music life – but can he control the primal energies that power the band and lead them to glory?  Or will The Naked Way be destroyed by its own rock n roll excess?

Eli – A funny, carefree slacker who wants to be a writer…some day.  For now he’s content to hang out with the band, be at the center of the party, and take all the prettiest girls to bed – until he meets Gwen.  He says he’ll do anything to keep her love and to heal her pain.  But will he be able to change his ways to win her heart?

Babylonia – She’s the “Queen of the Underground” – a gorgeous rock and roll femme fatale who has many men – and boys – at her beck and call.  She’s Alexander’s ex-lover, inspiration, and the mother of his son, Morrison.  But that doesn’t stop her from seducing his friends, including Eli.  Will she destroy Alexander’s band to get him back?

Camille – A radical feminist who idolizes Sinéad O’Connor and rages against injustice everywhere.   She also loves the rock and roll lifestyle and bad boys.  Camille is a shape-shifter, trying on new personalities and experimenting with new modes of sexuality.   She never denies herself any pleasure within reach – but she’s also a true and loyal friend.

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Connect with Chris: twitter – @ChrisHenry_TNWfacebook goodreads

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