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Tag: "Travel"

A Traveler's Home

A Traveler’s Home

A traveler often wonders about home. Depending on the journey the thought may be wistful, or full of gratitude for the chance to be transported. The location matters–domestic or foreign or strangely, oddly-domestic, as the USA is full of contrasts in culture, English dialects, climate, attitudes, religious clairvoyance, landscape. For me it takes time to […]

Western Lonely: Montana to Washington

Western Lonely: Montana to Washington

Western Lonely: Montana to Washington: the Real West.   Robert Fletcher sums up my travels through the beloved West this past week. My range is from Montana to Washington, west to east and back again, covering 1,900 miles give or take a few.   Open Range Western land was made for those Who like land wild […]

Brother Townsend

Brother Townsend

Sitting at the Island Bar in Sean Kelly’s Pub is an Amish looking man in a straw round- brimmed hat.  His phone is in front of him on the bar and his face is in his hands.  He slowly reaches into his cargo jacket for his packet of tobacco and rolls a cigarette.  He is […]

Arroyo Grande, 93420--Nice Town, Normal People

Arroyo Grande, 93420–Nice Town, Normal People

©2012 Ann Bodle-Nash The ceramic coffee-shop mug reads: Arroyo Grande, California, 93420. Nice Town, Normal People. I start laughing. I’m not feeling normal. It’s day one of a three day, three-generational road trip by minivan, from north of San Francisco, down scenic Highway 101, to a family reunion in coastal central California. You remember family […]

Two-Bit Street Cafe

Utah Revisited: Top Three Ogden “It” Spots

By: Ann Bodle-Nash The Two Bit Street Café–under The Club sign, with its neon beer goblet topped with sparkle foam— anchors a spot mid-block on 25th street, in downtown Ogden. One of a score of storefronts in various states of revival, it is sandwiched between the Lighthouse Lounge and The Gift House on the north […]