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Tag: "broadcast music"

A Jamboree Family: Lou's Legacy

A Jamboree Family: Lou’s Legacy

Typically father’s and daughter’s argue over music, nowhere near sharing the same tastes in musical genres. However, father and daughter, Lou and Phyllis Erck share the same passions, bluegrass jamborees and live broadcasts. What bridges the generation gap between them is a mutual love of the same kind of music, and their enterprising ideas to […]

A Jamboree Family: Inspiration

A Jamboree Family: Inspiration

For Phyllis Erck, her parents are the inspiration for starting the Ruby Jewel Jamboree now three years running in Missoula.  Phyllis was born about the same time her father started the Reilly Springs Jamboree in Texas and both her parents took her as an infant to the concerts.  It wasn’t until her twenties, when she […]