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SUCH GOOD PEOPLE Available on April 14



Here at Indie It Press, we have been following Such Good People since it wrapped up production of the film.  One of the quotes that intrigued us the most: “The thing that’s so exciting to all of us about this project is that the ‘gay’ aspect of the movie is entirely incidental to the plot,” says Such Good People director, Stuart Wade. “The movie just happens to be about a gay couple off on an adventure together. And frankly, I believe this is the future of gay cinema, where gay characters are not only — or totally — defined by their sexuality. See rest of Indie It Press article here.

SUCH GOOD PEOPLE starring Michael Urie (“Ugly Betty”) and Randy Harrison (“Queer as Folk”).

Our characters in the film want what everyone wants: success, family and a fabulous house in LA. But first they’ve got to work through a few issues: greed, jealousy, real estate, sibling rivalry, greyhounds, labradoodles, porpoises, a million dollars, and the orphans of Bhutan.


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“Producing Such Good People was a remarkable meeting of worldwide enthusiasm, social media, and technology.  Not long after creating our Facebook and Twitter pages, we quickly discovered that the combination of our cast and the story we had to tell created a high level of interest and excitement.  All this enthusiasm drove our production campaign to meet our financing goal within the first two weeks.  We were then able to find traditional equity investors, and had an equally successful post-production campaign on Our fan base continues to grow and we currently have over 30,000 followers across multiple social media platforms.”

“Our film would not exist without the tremendous support from people all over the world.  Please check out our ‘Thank You‘ page to see the names of all our amazing supporters.”

Tashi Delek! | David Avallone | David Michael Barrett | Stewart Wade

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