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Strong Beautiful Women

Strong Beautiful Women by: Malinda Prud’homme

"Cultured Beauty" - Malinda Prud'homme copyright @2013 Prud'homme

“Cultured Beauty” – Malinda Prud’homme
copyright @2013 Prud’homme

I have had a fascination with strong beautiful women for as long as I can remember.  It began when I was a small child. Though I was not a huge fan of television, I would never miss my favourite cartoon, Shera: Princess of Power.

"Winter Beauty" - Malinda Prud'homme copyright @2013 Prud'homme

“Winter Beauty” – Malinda Prud’homme
copyright @2013 Prud’homme

As I grew a bit older my interest in strong beautiful women did not change. I myself became somewhat of a “tough girl” and even enrolled in martial arts for many years. I admit, I still love Shera, but as time went on I added more strong females to my favorites including Xena Warrior Princess, Max from Dark Angel, and I am now rather fond of Game Of Thrones which features many powerful beauties.  I suppose it’s just a huge part of who I am.

"A Mark of Beauty" - Malinda Prud'homme copyright @2013 Prud'homme

“A Mark of Beauty” – Malinda Prud’homme
copyright @2013 Prud’homme


I am compelled to portray naturally beautiful women in my artwork because it saddens me that our current society puts so much unnecessary pressure on women to be a certain type of beauty.  A beauty that is very thin, full of makeup, hair completely done with product in it, and wearing corsetry to shape them in a specific way.  Not only is all of this “fake” beauty, but covers what natural beauty those women have.  All women are beautiful, skinny or round, blond or brunette, in a dress or in sweat pants!

"Curvy Beauties" - Malinda Prud'homme copyright @2013 Prud'homme

“Curvy Beauties” – Malinda Prud’homme
copyright @2013 Prud’homme


For me, true beauty is seen in each and every person’s unique facial features, and more importantly, in their character.  This is what I hope to capture with my artwork.


"A Modern Classic" - Malinda Prud'homme copyright 2013 Prud'homme

“A Modern Classic” – Malinda Prud’homme
copyright 2013 Prud’homme


Malinda has a beautiful website filled with female artwork and other creations.  You may  contact her there for prints, pendant necklaces, paper goods, as well as her fine art prints.

Malinda Prud’homme – Mixed Media Art Creations








“A Mark Of Beauty”


Oil Paint on Canvas

6” x 8”

“A Modern Classic”


Acrylic & Oil Paint on Canvas

12” x 12”

“Cultured Beauty”


Oil Paint on Canvas

8” x 10”

“Curvy Beauties”


Oil Paint on Canvas

6” x 12”

“Winter Beauty”


Oil Paint on Canvas

9” x 12”

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