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Simplicity of Art Itself

Simplicity of Art Itself – Art by Rachel Chansler our “Miniature Missoulian” and the “Petite Parisienne” of Paris.

After many years of experimenting and practicing in various types of medium, I found myself completely burnt out and wanting to get back to the simplicity of art itself through drawing. I have been playing with architecture, femininity, place and symbols.

"Ode to Edith Piaf" by Artist Rachel Chansler

“Ode to Edith Piaf”: 20″x20″x1″ Ink and watercolor on birch wood


Rue de Paris by Artist Rachel Chansler

“Rue de Paris”: 11″x14″ Ink and watercolor on paper

I am greatly inspired by art history, particularly the famous Dutch use of symbols. They used seemingly simplistic images to form a larger and more complicated narrative. My symbol du jour: the flower.

"Εξάγωνο (Hexagon)" by Artist Rachel Chansler

“Εξάγωνο (Hexagon)”: 16″x24″x1″ Ink and watercolor on birch wood

Simultaneously, another subject I am integrating into symbol is place. Currently being stuck between post grad and the rest of my life, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for my roots and the places I’ve been lucky enough to see. I mostly focus on the Missoula, Montana and Paris, France. The two places that split my heart and my attention. Without even realizing, I fell in love in Paris and have temporarily transformed from the “Miniature Missoulian” to the “Petite Parisienne”. I want to highlight the safety and beauty of one’s comfort zone, as well as, the excitement and nervousness of une nouvelle maison. I’m heavily inspired by the architecture, language, history and art of Paris. In addition, the rivers, mountains, flora and fauna of home have made its place in my work.

"Lewisia Rediviva (Bitterroot) by Artist Rachel Chansler

“Lewisia Rediviva (Bitterroot)”: 16″x24″x1″ Ink and watercolor on birch wood

For me, drawing is meditation, discipline, discovery, and crucial for self expression and quality of life.

(As the French say) Bisous et merci!

"Mum's the Word" by Artist Rachel Chansler

“Mum’s the Word”: 9″x11″ Ink on paper

To inquire about commissions, please email:

Rachel Chansler on the French Riviera




Currently location:

Missoula, Montana

Upcoming events:

June: First Friday and monthly exhibition at Draught Works Brewery in Missoula, Montana.

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