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Scruffy Girl Designs


Country Western Singer, Michelle Murray

From headbands to mini and micro skirts, from beach wear to crop tops and all sorts of accessories, Scruffy Girl has designer knitwear and clothing any gal desires.  I want to thank designer and entrepreneur Tracey for taking the time to tell us about her style, designs, and how she started Scruffy Girl Clothing.  Now for Tracey—>

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having lovely designer clothes like Princess Diana, my family were far from wealthy so I grew-up well grounded and respecting the little money we had. As a teen I started making clothes for myself and found neighbors wanted to buy some items from me. Maybe it was to help me, or maybe they really liked what I made. I hope it was the latter.


Model- Ellie

Anyway, life kinda got in the way as I got older. I loved to knit and make clothes, but had so little time with working as a buyer for a top specialist gasket manufacturing company. I felt very lucky to have such an amazing job meeting amazing and interesting people; however, I still missed making clothes and instead started buying many designer clothes.  I found these designer clothes although expensive, were never very well made. They lacked that high quality finish and, it was apparent, these top designers were just mass producing expensive items for maximum profit.


Model – Charlotte



Model – Ellie

I decided with help from my partner to start making my own designs to sell. He helped setup the website and gave his opinion on each design as I made them. Recently, we have started taking our own photos of amateur models wearing our clothing. We feel we are really starting to make a small difference to the local community by employing models to bringing out some amazing designs for a competitive price.


Michelle Murray

Country singer, Michelle Murray,  is a big fan of our designs and has modeled a few of them.  She  sent her pictures to us which is amazingly kind.


Michelle Murray

I started to work with hand dyed fabrics. Sometimes it can go wrong and I have to reject some prints due to the dye not taking.  This is rare, but when I get it right the results are amazing!  I love learning new techniques and producing amazing clothes people love, and  I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see someone on TV or in public wearing one of my designs.

Recently, I have turned my hand to baby and toddler designs. This is a lot harder than people think. The baby and toddler clothing line is still in the very early stages, and I really hope it will be a success.


Model – Izzie, Scruffy Girl Bag by: Bag Me Beautiful

My dream is to become a well known, worldwide fashion company, supplying people with my exclusive designs.

All the designs are hand made if they are knitted most of the yarns we use are hand dyed, if it is fabric and has a pattern most are hand printed, all the techniques used are centuries old traditions and look amazing.


Model – Katherine

Bikini for Summer – Taken from the Scruffy Girl Blog:  A nice Bikini for summer is what we all dream about, like many people I got sick of the same old acrylic bikinis found in supermarkets, they might be cheap but they are not unique or nice, horrible padding, millions of the same design they just look like stamped repeats on the racks.

This got me thinking, why not design some lovely bikinis for summer, remember it is always summer somewhere in the world!


Model – Katherine


I sat down and started designing a bikini easy you might think, noooo far from it, it is incredibly hard to get the shape to fit correctly and flatter too, took me 4 weeks to get the design I liked, now how can I make this really nice I wondered, well hand printed fabric yes thats it hand printed it is unique no two have exactly the same design. So I set about making the design in hand printed and hand dyed fabric, I even added some lovely hand made lace flowers, thats it yippee I made the design I loved.


Model – Katherine

Since making the black Sunset Syren design as modeled above by the gorgeous Katherine I have designed many more wonderful Bikinis many selling out before we get the chance to photograph with a model.To order and look at more fabulous designs check out

Use of photos is strictly prohibited and property of Scruffy Girl.

Copyright @2013 Scruffy Girl via Indie It Press


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  1. Tracey says:

    Thank you so much for a lovely review about my designs , thanks so much Tracey x

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