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Reverend Slanky is in the house

When Reverend Slanky’s in the house no one’s standing still  |

Reverend Slanky

The Reverend Slanky funk band

Saturday night in Missoula was the 10th Anniversary celebration of the legendary and expansive funk band. It’s a band that has rocked Missoula’s various musical venues including but not limited to the Palace, the Badlander, the Top Hat (old and the remodeled) and other haunts around town. But last night was more than just another concert, it was a reunion. The band was gloriously back together, with original band mates flying in from the Philippines, New Mexico and other far shores. The horn section was hot with sax, trumpet and trombone. Three drum sections, two keyboardists, congas, cowbell and extraneous percussive devices plus guitars produced the full band sound. And you can bet we were all moving our bodies from the opening note. The room was jammed. Sweat was flowing.

How very Montana to be at a concert and the woman dancing next to you on the raised floor, overlooking the main stage, is Sam the sax player’s mom, and his dad is next along the railing with his sister. They are from Helena and have come down to hear their son play the gig. Mom is dancing up a storm. Pretty quick we’re talking fly fishing out of Craig on the Missouri River, and about some female guide named Beth she knows. It’s a small big world in Montana and I am only a visitor. We have to shout to be heard above the crowd noise.

Here’s another one. I’m standing in a shop in downtown Missoula and two women near me are talking. The one says, “You know Governor Bullock’s wife’s mother had that nice quilt shop in Seeley Lake.” And even though I don’t live here I recognize the Governor’s name, and know about the quilt shop in Seeley Lake. It was a nice one. Out of a million people in the state, for God’s sake, most random conversations I overhear resonate in some way.

Another woman talks to me about an old dance club in Great Falls, just down the way from the Sip and Dip with Piano Pat the famous Wurlitzer player. I mention the mermaids. She knows what I’m talking about.

This is what keeps me coming back. The coincidences pile up until I want to shout I’m staying here and never going home, because I feel in some repeatedly odd way I was meant to be here. All the ghosts are out tonight.

Members of the band:
Cody Hollow – Vocals/Percussion | Phil Stempin – Bass |
Chris Naro – Drumset |
Jarom Hein – Trumpet |
Sam White – Tenor Sax |
Chris Entz-Guitar/Vocals/Cowbell |
Bob Packwood – Keyboards |
Other Slanksters:
Chad Reep, Sam McKenzie, Jeff Francis, Bryan Bakevich, Blake Ingram, Billy Pfeiffer, and many more…

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About the Author: Ann Bodle-Nash: A free-lance traveler since the age of 11 months, little moss grows on her soles. With relatives and friends scattered across the globe, she finds frequent excuses to travel. But travel in the West is best--those quiet corners of weirdness are like light to a moth, burning with intensity, encouraging curiosity and discovery. She imagines the glory of 30 days of continuous floating and fly fishing on the Yellowstone River after watching a documentary on same. Currently living in Washington State with her husband.

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