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ye pay it BACKWARD…ye pay in NOW…ye pay it FORWARD

Indie Blog Spot LogoI have not been completely doing my part scratching my fellow’s backs.  I recently wrote a blog post on paying it forward and, my overseas Scotsman, author, and blogger friend Seumas Gallacher wrote a post regarding NEARLY the same as mine. “ye pay it BACKWARD… ye pay it NOW… ye pay it FORWARD… and ye still don’t spend any money… Scots LUV this!…”  Except, his made me realize…. I promised Mr. Gallacher, (who speaks better Gaelic than I) a few months ago, I would be part of his Blog Scratchers Corner, #TBSU.  I also told Mr. Gallacher I wanted to pattern my social media skills and blogging skills after him, follow in his footsteps.  Have I done it yet? Sadly, no.  At first, when I read his Ebenezer Scrooge post, my red-headed demon self came out and I started doing my fiery tongue talk to anyone in listening distance.  Simultaneously, inside of me,  I knew he was right!  Seumas, you gave me a wake up call!  Here’s to you my skirt wearing friend!  You are right, and I, Leisa, on this very Sunday am repentant to you.  Read this Scotsman’s post fellow writers and, scratch back!  I added #TBSU and Blog Scratchers Corner to my Twitter Evolution story and will do so from this day forth on my own blog spot.

Now for Seumas’s words…

ye pay it BACKWARD… ye pay it NOW… ye pay it FORWARD… and ye still don’t spend any money… Scots LUV this!… #TBSU…

… for those of yeez with a touch of the Ebenezer Scrooge about yeez this should make interesting reading… that we Scots are often referred to in the phrase , ‘… his generosity knows bounds…’ …is a mendacious myth propagated no doubt by legions from South Britain… but we DO know a thing or twelve about VALUE… in this current WURLD of disappearing government trillions of whatever currencies, causing untold havoc in the economies of almost every nation on the planet it would be more than a glimpse of sunshine to have a piece of good news… well here it is … how about PAYING for stuff, without actually SPENDING anything?… among the global quill-scrapers family there’s a phrase, ‘paying it forward’… when ye’ve been knocking about for a while on here in the virtual company of kindred scribbling spirits ye soon discover the depth of REAL generosity that pervades the SOSYAL NETWURKIN channels… ‘paying it forward’

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This addition is for fellow writer and blogger Seumas Gallacher: Blogs to follow.

Blog Scratchers Corner — #TBSU — Blogs To Follow

*I added a few of my favorites to Seumas’s list as well. Seumas is one blogger I follow on a regular basis.

The Mess That is Me -by, Robbie Cox -by, Stephanie M. Neighbour

Seumas Gallacher – “…friends, Romans, countrymen, Lend me your ears…”

Creative Writer Kennedy -by, Alex Kennedy

Fox Faced -by, Sian Knight

Love Reading, Love Books -by, Sue Fortin

Share around as usual…enjoy 🙂 ))

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About the Author: Leisa Greene’s passions include writing about music, theater, film, food, art, family and friends -- all of which are supported by the community of Missoula and an IV line of dark-roasted iced coffee. She is the English Department’s Administrative Associate of Graduate Admissions at her alma mater, University of Montana; the editor-in-chief of Indie It Press; and the author of a memoir manuscript currently titled EARLY OUT. Her other writing consists of short essays (Brother Townsend and A Jamboree Family), playwriting (The Beckett Syndrome) and screenwriting. “The only regret you will ever have is if you never write it. So, go write it Mom. “ – Dustin Nelson, my son

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  1. ..thanks for the shout out and pick ups, m’Lady… I’ve clicked the blog links that I didn;t already have .. cheers …THIS is how we roll in Blog land ..:)))

    • Indie It Gal says:

      It is Seumas. It took awhile for me to understand, slow learner am I, occasionally. Thanks for the comment and, if you feel so inclined, add my blog too! Take care and see you around in cyber land!

  2. Robbie Cox says:

    Now I know what #TBSU is!!!

    Thank you, Leisa! (And I am almost done with your article lol) I agree with Seumas. It is a great thing when we can ban together and help each other out. We lose nothing and yet, have everything to gain. This is not a competition, but a journey we are all taking together. I have a list of blogs I read on The Mess and will be adding Seumas’s to it this day.

    Keep up the great writing!

    • Indie It Gal says:

      Hi Robbie! YAY!! #TBSU: The Blog Scratchers Union. It is great that we help one another and I am grateful to all of you. The one blog I read regularly that I missed on my list is Lydia’s, so I will be adding hers as well. Feel free to add my blog spot too, if you’d like. As far as your post goes, I know you are busy editing and I also know you are preparing for a blog tour. I think that’s great! I meant it when I said…”when you have the time.” I am very relaxed as far as author posts go because I KNOW what it is like! Thanks for your support Robbie and thanks for stopping by!

      Keep up the great writing too!

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