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#MonologueWars: Round 2 | Van Helsing | Vote!

Bram-Stoker-s-Dracula-Van Helsing#MonologueWars: Round 2 | Van Helsing | Vote!

You asked and we gave, #MonologueWars is back for a second round, pitting the 8 Sided Forum ensemble against each other in a (mostly) friendly battle for likes over their interpretation of a monologue.

Round 2

Van Helsing from Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Vampires Do Exist.

Our combatants  are already gearing up to throw names at each other across twitter, so let’s see what they have to say before we begin:

Tyler Seiple is back, and he has his eyes on one combatant in particular: “I out-Hopkined Hopkins. I van Helsinged van Helsing. I could even out-Gerard Gerard. Bring it, chumps!”

Gerard Marzilli doesn’t care what anyone else says: “You call this acting?? It’s a race! Against EVIL!!!” “All these fools are gonna get coal in their acting stocking” “I’m making a list (of genius actors) , checking it twice…hey look! I’m the only one on it!!!! Ha!!”

Tennyson E Stead is feeling pretty confident, for his first time: “I’m not saying I’m the better actor, here. I’m saying I don’t need to be. Sex sells.”

And Lee Hulme is…possibly just hungry: “Whatever, those guys are toast. Hot. Buttered. Toast.”


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