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#MonologueWars: Round 1 – Vote!

MWlogo_takemeWhat happens when you pit 3 talented and experienced actors, plus a non-actor, against each other in a battle for Likes over their interpretation of a monologue?

Why, heaps of fun, of course!

Presenting, for your entertainment and ours, the 8 Sided Ensemble in: #MonologueWars.

 Round 1:

Each entrant has performed their interpretation of the “Choose Life” monologue from Trainspotting. Choose your favourite, Like and Share, support your choice to win:

Tyler Seiple, the orator of the group, is scornful:“I look forward to a sporting round of monologuery with this group of aspiring thespians. While I appreciate that casting decisions often o’erweigh the actual talent of the parties involved in a given project, I do so look forward to pitting my finely honed skills against this adorable group of ragamuffins. Much like the mighty lion devouring Christians in the blood-stained sands of the Coliseum, I look forward to providing entertainment and amusement in the stunning display of my overpowering and overawing prowess. I’m sure they’ll do their very best — bless their hearts.”

Gerard Marzilli doesn’t mince his words:“Myer, Hulme and Seiple betta watch out cause this monologue monster’s gonna eat em!!!”

Katelyn Myer may be more dangerous than she looks: “I jumped at the opportunity to show these boys whose boss. I love competition! (especially one that involves votes from your mom) (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!) “

Lee Hulme…isn’t really sure what he’s doing: “I’m not even an actor, but screw it, I’m gonna win anyway! Maybe.”

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