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Melissa Endean “I Could Be Your Boi”

BOI.4Top 20 Peak Performance Artist and social activist, Melissa Endean, is announcing the release of her new music video “I Could Be Your Boi,” produced and directed by Mike Southworth (Collide Entertainment). Make no mistake, we’re waking up to a new era with this new ‘girl anthem’ from Melissa Endean and her Lady Entourage. “I Could Be Your Boi” is groundbreaking!! It’s your turn ladies, no need to be shy here, grab a girl and dance around! “I Could Be Your Boi” on YouTube: 

This smooth Mclachlan-esque joyful dance is for any human being who has ever felt a desire to break the mold of normativity. Melissa sings with passion about a longing to make real, human connections beyond the restrictions and boundaries of social norms.

“I Could Be Your Boi” is not only a political statement, it is a cheerful shout of pride for any and all who delight in the intimate bliss attained whilst playing with another person, regardless of their orientation, race, ability, or creed. “I Could Be Your Boi” is not just for the ladies- it’s an all-inclusive dance anthem for anyone who has ever loved another person-unabashed and unashamed.


Melissa Endean ~ “I Could By Your Boi” ~ Video Shoot
photo copyright@2013 by Adam PW Smith

Making this track even more powerful, however, is the fact that Melissa is releasing the track mere days after releasing a campaign video in which she speaks openly about her past history of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Melissa, a supporter of Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW), a sexual assault crisis center in Vancouver, wanted to use her position as an artist to raise awareness for the overwhelmingly high rates of sexual assault and exploitation that women face here in Canada. As a survivor, Melissa hopes that by speaking out and breaking the silence of her own sexual assaults she can encourage more women to seek the support they need to recover.

The decision to release these two very different videos in close proximity to one another was a decision Melissa made carefully. She wanted to show that women can not only survive the trauma of having your sexual and bodily freedom denied so monumentally, but that you can come out on the other side dancing- still in love with your body and embracing the universal right to the freedom of sexual pleasure and orientation.

Melissa Official Website 



WAVAW – Women Against Violence Against Women

Thank you to Lisa Wartur from Noodle Head Productions for providing me with this press release.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting indie artists! Leisa Greene ~ Indie It Gal


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