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LOVE – Oregon Says I Do, and So Do My Boys

OregonLOVE–Oregon says I do, and so can my boys Dustin and Mark, legally!  I cried when I heard this news. U.S. District Judge Michael McShane struck down Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage Monday, May 19th. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) requested a stay with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent Judge McShane from issuing a ruling; luckily this preemptive appeal was denied prior to McShane’s decision. During the ruling McShane states, “With discernment we see not shadows lurking in closets or the stereotypes of what was once believed; rather, we see families committed to the common purpose of love, devotion, and service to the greater community.  …To those who truly harbor such fears, I can only say this: Let us look less to the sky to see what might fall; rather, let us look to each other … and rise.”  We look to each other in JudgeMcShaneOregonour family for support and strength, we bolster each other up, we cry together and support when we are down.  Dustin and Mark are no different than any other heterosexual couple.  Hopefully, once they make their marriage legal (which my understanding is they can do it at any time, couples are expected to marry today), they will look to start an adoption process.  Earlier on the phone my son Dustin says, “Mom, It’s been a great first twenty-four hours in Portland.  I’ve landed the job and we can marry. I don’t know when we are going to do it for sure. I need to wait for Mark to get home from work and talk about it.”  Today, I am a very jubilant mother who sees great opportunities for my son and son-in-law getting to discuss tonight what is their legal right, the option to live their life as a legal married couple.

Below is another article I wrote last summer…

My son and son-in-law moved to Portland permanently a week ago where they are already deep in the the campaign to collect 116,284 valid signatures from Oregonian voters.  They are doing this in order to put the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative on the ballot in November 2014.  This came about for Dustin and Mark due to a twitter friend, Stephanie M. Neighbor, who resides all the way in New Jersey and is following my family’s journey.  Stephanie, who has a great blog, Chucklespace , (which is hilarious, I highly recommend it!) asked me on Friday if I’d seen the Huffington Post article regarding Oregon possibly becoming the next (and last) west coast state to vote in gay marriage.  I hadn’t seen the article and when I asked Stephanie, she swiftly tweeted me the link titled, “Oregon Gay Marriage Petition Campaign Kicks off July 26th” I tweeted the link to Dustin immediately.  Before I knew it, within less than a half an hour, Dustin and Mark RSVP’d to participate in the signing.


Oregon Petition Signature Sheet

On Sunday, July 28th, Dustin and Mark went down to the campaign office  Oregon Says I Do Event, where they were told they “could not sign the petition because they are not yet considered residents or, registered to vote in the state of Oregon.”  However, that didn’t stop the boys, for this collection of signatures is a huge task.  According to the Petition Direcotor Ryan Brown, (Huffington Post article), the campaign needs to gather “a signature every 4 and 1/4 minutes by July 3rd, 2014”  in order for it to go on the ballot. The boys didn’t hesitate. They sat down with Group Facilitator, Alisha Berry, and signed up to help get signatures.

Stephanie said to me, “You’re very lucky to have the boys”, and “it takes a village.” It’s so true on both counts!

Dustin Alisha Mark

Dustin Nelson, Alisha Berry, Mark Raschkow

I am very proud of my son Dustin and his (not yet legal) husband Mark.  I’ve been talking to Mark’s mom, Carol Rath Raschkow regarding all of the changes and their move. Their move is more difficult for her because of the distance but, her love for our sons and hope for change is strong.  Carol said, “I was listening when DOMA was struck down and I cried for our sons and for history…it is so past due.” One day, I hope to say their union is legal!  It is already legal in their minds, and it is legal in mine, it is legal in Carol’s, but not legal according to most states.  It will take numerous people in Oregon to help gather the signatures to make possible what every United States citizen should have, a legal right to marry who they chose. Dustin and Mark are already working toward getting residency in Oregon and registering to vote so they can be included on the petition and, be able to vote when it comes up on the ballot November, 2014.  Yes, I am thinking very positively,  it will happen.  My hope is people like Dustin and Mark with gather in Oregon to collect the Love Shirtssignatures and help make this vote possible.  It takes a village people.  If you live in Oregon and want what my family wants, take the time and effort to make it happen.  Be a part of a movement that will go in the history books.  Help others gain the rights they should have in the first place. Together we can make it possible for people to have the freedom to marry who they love, in any state:  Oregon, Montana, or your state too.  So, get busy. Use your voice and no matter what state you’re in make the commitment and say ‘I DO’!  If you’re located in Oregon, sign up for the Oregon Says I Do Event and RSVP here.

As always…Thank you for reading!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Leisa,

    What a great post and so wonderfully written. I’m thrilled to hear that the boys have found a way to participate in their new community and get involved, which is always a wonderful feeling. I’m sure they will make lots of new friends and connections as they do their part to help Oregon move forward. Thank you so much for the kind words and I’m honored that you’ve shared the link to my blog. I’m happy to reciprocate and very soon, I’ll be sharing my story as well. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop and my very best to you and the boys. 🙂

    • Indie It Gal says:

      Stephanie, Thanks for the wonderful compliment! You were a big part in helping. They are so new there and don’t really know anyone that they may not have heard for a few weeks. They will make new friends. I believe they already are by helping out! 🙂 I’m happy to share your blog, you’ve written really great posts and I can’t wait to read your story. We will share it like crazy lady! So, please keep me in the loop and you have a good rest tonight. XOXO to you! Leisa

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