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Kickstarter Quid Pro Quo, aka get moving Leisa!

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I’ve been working on my novel since Spring of 2011.  Yikes! Here we are two years later and I finally get the nerve to ask a friend what they thought of my excerpts thus far. He looked hesitant, and afraid of me.  “Give it to me, I want to know.” I said.  His reply, “I think it’s great your writing about your boys, but where are you in the book?”  I replied fervently, “My part is insignificant!”  This 24 year old literary savvy, hipster man disagreed and said he finds my story just as compelling as my boys. I was bewildered! Didn’t know what to do so, I get brave with a twitter comrade.  I ask her to look at some excerpts from my book as well.  Surprise!  The same words came straight from her via email after she read it. Now, I am in FEAR! What do I do? It’s taken me this long to post some excerpts online let alone ask for feedback.  Now what? I can’t have writer’s block now! I need to set up a new outline, restructure my whole book! I’ve got to include my part of the story too. FEAR! BLOCK! Time is running out.  I want the book finished, complete, already in print.  Finally…Quid Pro Quo set in for me. If you’re not writing Leisa, help another to write!  I read some of my twitter comrade’s stories. I sent them reviews and a critiques back on their work.  Still stuck myself, still not writing my own book, my hipster friend tells me about a workshop for creative non-fiction writers.  He gives me a sly smile and says, “I’m not a writer and I’m going to take it.” I mull it around, I toss it, I put it back in my head, I push it around some more.  Easter weekend I sign up.  406 Writer’s Workshop, not free, of course.  Every Tuesday evening for six weeks I am sitting in a beautiful conference room at Missoula’s downtown indie bookstore Fact and Fiction. The eight of us are reading each others work and giving constructive feedback.  I signed up to be work-shopped the second week along with two others. I had to prepare, fix my chapter before they do! The night I “repaired” Early Out, chapter two in order to send it in to the 406 Workshop, my nerves were wracked! Oh, It can be imperfect? Not mine!  Blah. I text my son Dustin, “So and so hates me (leaving name out in hopes that they don’t), and I am a horrible writer!” The workshop was this past Tuesday night and I left there my head overloaded with things I needed to get down on paper! Due to the help of my twitter comrades, the workshop writers, and the literary 24 year old guru, my writing is officially kick-started again.  Hey, scratching others back works too! ~ Leisa

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About the Author: Leisa Greene’s passions include writing about music, theater, film, food, art, family and friends -- all of which are supported by the community of Missoula and an IV line of dark-roasted iced coffee. She is the English Department’s Administrative Associate of Graduate Admissions at her alma mater, University of Montana; the editor-in-chief of Indie It Press; and the author of a memoir manuscript currently titled EARLY OUT. Her other writing consists of short essays (Brother Townsend and A Jamboree Family), playwriting (The Beckett Syndrome) and screenwriting. “The only regret you will ever have is if you never write it. So, go write it Mom. “ – Dustin Nelson, my son

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