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Indie Short Film Dead Metaphors

Indie short film, Dead Metaphors, needs you to help get it off the ground.  The film short is a dark literary drama about the destructive side of the creative process. One of the many things that makes this project special is the writer and director, Patrick Ford.  He is a 27-year old student at the Art Institute of California, studying Digital Filmmaking, and DEAD METAPHORS is his senior thesis film. Patrick has been a film buff for years, finding inspiration especially in the work of Orson Welles, Andrei Tarkovsky, Wes Anderson, David Cronenberg, and Jim Jarmusch.  Another project booster is the caliber of actors he is acquiring for the project.  His lead actor, Steven Wiig, worked side by side with Sean Penn in highly acclaimed shows INTO THE WILD  and MILK.

Writer and director of Dead Metaphors, Patrick Ford,  starts the Kickstarter project out with a quote by Charles Bukowski, “The trouble with a mask is it never changes.”

DEAD METAPHORS is the story of Hank Nichols, a reclusive, alcoholic former prodigy who published an award-winning novel at the age of twenty but has not published any work in decades. He is an angry, self-destructive person who continues to write prodigiously but who refuses to share his work with anyone else.

Hank is approached by an ambitious journalist named Anna Livia. She hunts down Hank and through a series of interviews begins to crack Hank’s hardened shell. Anna’s entrance into Hank’s life sets off a chain reaction of explosive events that will challenge Hank’s identity as an artist, challenge Anna’s identity as a journalist, and ultimately change both of their lives forever.

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Actor Steven Wiig has an incredibly fun and interesting resume. After spending a few years playing music, Wiig relocated to Northern California, accepting an offer to work with the band Metallica. Traveling the world for over a decade as writer, photographer, videographer and personal assistant, he appeared in the band’s award winning documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER and played the drums in the Metallica side-project PAPA WHEELIE.

Steven was encouraged to pursue acting by friends Robin Wright and Sean Penn and was quickly cast in Penn’s INTO THE WILD. Soon after, he acted alongside Penn in his Oscar Winning performance for Gus Van Sant’s MILK. Upon becoming a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Steven worked in numerous films, including Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER, Woody Allen’s BLUE JASMINE and Tim Burton’s BIG EYES, as well as the upcoming movies GODZILLA and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Also on the horizon are supporting roles in James Franco’s childhood-inspired YOSEMITE and the Bay Area historical drama AMERICA IS STILL THE PLACE.

Why help Dead Metaphors?

DEAD METAPHORS is trying to do something that is very hard in a micro-budget short film: tell a deep, complex, character-based drama in a short time-frame. It’s going to be a film with depth and stylistic panache, and it will refuse to spoon-feed its audience meaning. This is a challenge even on big budget films, so for us the challenge is increased many times. Sounds like the perfect project for a Kickstarter campaign.

Remember, we only get the funds to make this film if we hit our goal! If we fall short, we don’t receive ANY money.

No pledge is too small (or too large) and each will go a long way to turn this beautiful story into a film. I have assembled an incredible crew, including talented professionals and ambitious, promising students. We have picked talented and serious actors ready to tackle the heavy subject matter of the script. We have put months and months of planning into pre-production and we are ready to put all of our planning into action.

But we can’t do it without you.

For more information, visit our website DeadMetaphor-film

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They are almost on their way to making it.

Visit Dead Metaphors Kickstarter page –>

As always, thank you for reading and supporting indie artists of all mediums.

~Leisa Greene aka Indie It Gal

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