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Indie Band – We Found A Lovebird

We-Found-A-Lovebird-The-Band-623x800Indie Band – We Found A Lovebird

We Found A Lovebird’s EP,  Let’s Start the War, is full of hard-hitting song writing by Larry Lechner.  His lyrics slam with in-your-face-no-bullshit-about-life reality.  We Found A Lovebird’s band name stings of  irony, with songs about illicit affairs, letting opportunities pass you by, and ‘powerlessness’ being a lie we tell ourselves.  Don’t expect sweep-you-away love songs with this group.    What you can expect is clever lyrics with a unique sound that can’t be compared to anything else.  The sound rings a little like British Rock, but that doesn’t even express their unique beats that are fast paced with hard tin-like fusing rhythms.


“Larry here from Vancouver indie band, We Found A Lovebird.  Our website link features all 6 songs off our recently released EP ‘Let’s Start The War’. We’ve been getting some great press reaction, airplay support and lots of live shows.”

“Hope you like it.”

Song-by-song synopsis…

1) Two Hours to Kill: Based on an old poster for a ‘Mandrake the Magician’ performance circa 1950’s or so. Apparently, he was from New Westminster and people said ‘he was one of the nicest guys to saw a woman in half!’ Well, it’s either about that or an illicit affair.

2) Biggest of Chunks: The exhilaration of a new relationship and how it improves your appetite for all things.

3) NW on SW Avenue: Day late and a dollar short and you’ve let the opportunities pass you by. Started out as a jam and we just layered it up and sprinkled a few words around. Voila!

4) Shiver: About a guy who’s bluff has been called.

5) Don’t Blame the Times: Bit of a rant this one. I hate it when people claim they are powerless because ‘it’s just the times we’re livin in’. I call bullshit cuz it always boils down to our appetites. Doesn’t it?

6) Give Up the Ghost: A Stonesy-kind-of-jammy-thingy about knowin’ when to fold em.

Larry Lechner – Vocals, guitarWe Found A Lovebird Live

Shane Impey – Bass, vocals

Kerry MacPherson – Guitar

Barry Warne – Drums

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“Biggest inspiration hmmmm … transcendence through music.”  -Larry Lechner

Upcoming Gigs in Vancouver, BC.:

Mar 8 – Falconetti’s

Mar 14 – Lana Lou’s

Apr 5 – Charqui Grill

As always, thank you for reading Indie It Press and supporting indie artists. ~Leisa Greene AKA Indie It Gal

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