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Horror Top 10 | #8 Saw and Saw 2

HorrorSawPosterHorror Top 10 | #8 Saw (2004) – “Oh yes, there will be blood.”

What began as an indie film that took three years to get off the ground, Saw developed into the most well known and lucrative horror franchises of modern times.
The film’s story revolves around Adam and Lawrence, two men who are chained in a dilapidated subterranean bathroom and are each given instructions via a microcassette recorder explaining how to escape. Adam is told he must escape the bathroom, while Lawrence is told to kill Adam before a certain time, or Lawrence’s family will die. Meanwhile, police detectives investigate and attempt to find the victims’ location and apprehend the mastermind behind the current “game” and several other similar incidents.
While the films are often compared to Hostel and classified as “torture porn” by critics, the creators of Saw disagree with the term “torture porn”. Writer Luke Y. Thompson argued that, unlike Hostel, the Saw films actually have less torture than most, as Jigsaw believes that those who survive his methods will be stronger people for it. He called him a kind of a “deranged philanthropist.”

Fun Facts about Saw:

In order to help attract producers, James Wan and Leigh Whannel shot a low budget short film of the same name based on a scene from the script. The duo says their budget restrictions aided them creatively in the process because it forced them to create a self-contained script of the two men in the bathroom.

Horror_saw_two_ver2Saw 2 (2005) – “The game continues.”

Rarely is a sequel as good as the original, but Saw 2 managed to up the ante on the plot with a bigger budget. This time featuring eight victims trapped in a house, the group must complete torturous tasks to retrieve an antidote to the poison they’ve all been given that will kill them in two hours.
While more gruesome than the original, Saw 2 doesn’t go over the top in the way the other six sequels do and can still be considered tasteful, and in my opinion comparable to Seven. Additionally, Saw 2 has one of my favorite endings of any horror film ever.

Fun Facts about Saw 2:

The shocking ending was one of the most intensely kept secrets in horror history. The cast was only given the first 88 pages of their scripts, were forced to sign extensive confidentiality agreements, and four or five alternate endings were shot to keep the conclusion under wraps.

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