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Horror Top 10 |#7 Scream 4

horror-SCRE4MHorror Top 10 |#7 Scream 4 (2011) – “New decade. New rules.”

Scream 4 is the most recent installment of the popular Scream franchise and in my opinion the best of the sequels. The set up of the film leads the audience to believe this is the first of a new trilogy, introducing a new set of teenage characters to mix in with the original cast, and heading back to Woodsboro. Scream 4 cleverly follows the rules of horror movie remakes, which, as pointed out by one of the characters, “are the only horror studios will green light nowadays.” As the copycat Ghostface killer terrorizes the returning Sidney Prescott and a new band of high school kids, the film freshly discusses not only modern cultures fascination with violence, but also fame, and the ease of achieving infamy through use of the Internet. While many believe the franchise is tired, I believe Scream 4 found a voice as unique as its predecessor that wasn’t afraid to make fun of itself and offered audiences something electrifying, hilarious, fun, and frightening.

Fun Facts about Scream 4:

This film was originally planned as the first of a new trilogy, but the idea was scrapped. It’s been announced that MTV is developing a series based on the Scream franchise, but will have no connection to the original characters or plots.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Scream 4…  do not watch this video!

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