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Horror Top 10 | #3 Rosemary’s Baby

horror_rosemarys_babyHorror Top 10 | #3 Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – “Pray for Rosemary’s baby.”

Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller Rosemary’s Baby stars Mia Farrow as Rosemary Woodhouse whose husband Guy Woodhouse is a moderately successful actor who is disappointed in his career. The young couple moves into an old apartment building in New York City with a dark history of witchcraft and Satanism. The couple’s nosy neighbors, Roman and Minnie Castevet are a kind, but odd old couple who take a special interest in Rosemary and Guy. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, Guy’s career suddenly takes off and a series of strange and sinister events lead Rosemary to believe there is something unnatural about her pregnancy.
This film is pitch perfect in its portrayal of paranoia and its progressive commentary on patriarchy and control of women. Maintaining a sinister, creepy tone throughout the film, Rosemary’s Baby will leave you feeling sick to your stomach and questioning your own sanity.
Vidal Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow's hair on the set of "Rosemary's Baby".

Vidal Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow’s hair on the set of “Rosemary’s Baby”.

Fun Facts about Rosemary’s Baby:

Vidal Sassoon achieved international fame thanks to director Roman Polanski. Polanski featured the coiffeur’s London salon in his 1965 film, Repulsion, and three years later, he paid Sassoon $5,000 to cut Mia Farrow’s hair in front of reporters for Rosemary’s Baby. Farrow’s soft pixie cut became a sensation and sparked a major fashion trend. “It’s Vidal Sassoon!” her character gushes in the film. “It’s very in.”
Also, Mia Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra at the time. Moments before shooting a pivotal emotional scene, Farrow was unsuspectingly delivered divorce papers on the set. Director Roman Polanski insisted she use her despair to film the scene and is actually sobbing in the final cut.

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