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Horror Top 10 | #10 The Ring

BYD-the-ringHorror Top 10 | #10 The Ring (2002) – “Before you die, you see the ring.”

A moody and extremely eerie remake of the Japanese film Ringu which explores the concept of an urban legend of a video tape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later.
Naomi Watts plays Seattle based reporter Rachel Keller whose niece Katie unexplainably dies during a sleepover with a friend. As Rachel investigates she is led to the tape that Katie’s friends believe killed her. After watching the series of disturbing images and receiving a spectral phone call warning her of her impending death, Rachel races against time to decipher the origin of the tape and the meaning behind its images.
The film is a unique take on the original and is expertly Americanized. The film has a beautifully eerie look with dark, green tinted cinematography that perfectly captures the gloomy Washington coast setting and adds a sense of foreboding.

Fun Facts about The Ring:

In order to advertise The Ring, the video of the cursed videotape was played on late night cable channels.

Photograph courtesy of The Ring Naomi Watts © Dreamworks

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