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‘Hey Love’ – New Single Release by Danny Echo

Hey Love - square background


Hey Love‘, Danny Echo’s new single will debut August 31st with the album being released Spring of 2014.  The ukelele is the feature instrument and makes ‘Hey Love‘ surprisingly very different from their other albums.

Rock Bottoms Up‘, their album released back in 2011 has an AC/DC like hard rock edge, yet ‘Hey Love‘ is a gentle sweetness that makes you think of grade school, dances, and flirting gone by.

Their EP ‘Unplugged and Unglued‘ was released in 2012 and is full of acoustic guitar, piano, and soul. This EP is personally my favorite and, yet again, different from their new single coming out.

Hey Love‘ is more of an indie-Brit, pop-folk-Celtic sound that hangs on to a little bit of soul from ‘Unplugged and Unglued‘.   Danny Echo seems to easily morph from one musical style and sound to another, almost like the Beatles did from their earlier music of ‘Love Me Do’, to one of their much later hits ‘Come Together‘;  however, Danny Echo is morphing in the reverse starting with the hard and moving to the soft.  It seems that Danny Echo records and performs music that anyone from rock all the way to folk will enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.45.15 PM

In regards to their evolution Danny Echo’s manager, Jenn Ashton states, “I think the band just evolves, like all bands and artists do. They take in the influences of the world and their lives. When you are together as a band as long as they have been, I think you keep a main theme, but you can also be influenced and grow from that.”

Ashton also said, “There are a few different feels to their music for sure (‘Unplugged and Unglued’ is our fave too), but I think that the vein of ‘Brit-Pop-Rock’ will always remain ‘their main sound’, even if they do take field trips into different areas. This last batch of writing produced some very interesting results, including a country song! But all with that very strong signature Brit-pop-rock Echo-esque feel. The next album, (coming 2014), will be the best yet and everybody is really excited about it. It’s solid, and the band feels they have reached a new level with their music.”

They all write together, and sometimes apart, but yes, they write their own music. This song, ‘Hey Love‘ was written by Ian Newbery.

The best part of ‘Hey Love‘, besides the ukelele, is the lead singers voice with his slight rough tone pulling in the high wistfulness of a good old fashioned love song from days gone by.  In Vancouver, Danny Echo, Noodle Head Productions , and Rave on Studio is gearing up to spread the word:”The ‘L’ Word — LOVE.”

“In the style of The Lumineers, a bit of Danny Echo ukelele-folk-rock comes your way with ‘Hey Love‘, slated for full release August 31st, at the International Pop Overthrow Festival at the Railway Club.”

“Watch for team Love around Vancouver this fall” and check out the music of Danny Echo on CDBaby.  You can purchase their music anywhere online.  If you like their sound or shall we sounds….purchase their single or an album.  As always thank you for your support of indie music and indie artists everywhere.  Leisa Greene ~ Indie It Gal

LYRICS – ‘Hey Love

Hey Love

(Hey love)

Verse 1:

You say that when I met you

When we were both in school

You always played the teacher’s pet, and I played the fool

We didn’t know what lay ahead

Or that we’d write a love song so true

(Hey love)

I can’t recall the starting point

I guess it all depends

But looking back I realize that we were more than friends

Then one night I stole your kiss

There wasn’t any need to pretend

(Hey love)


Hey Love

Lonely times are far and few between, love

You and I we make a better team, love

All in all you’re all I’ll ever need

I love you more than words could ever mean

(Hey love) x 2

Verse 2:

So here we are together

Still got that certain flair

We’ve had our share of good and bad, that’s neither here nor there

I love you more than ever

Let me show you now how much I care

Repeat Chorus


I f I get sentimental please don’t disdain me

It might be detrimental for today

But that’s OK

Repeat Chorus

(Hey love)


(Hey love) x3

credits: released 31 August 2013

Words & Music by Ian Newbery ©2012 SOCAN


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