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Such Good People– a gay take on an old school Hollywood screwball comedy, completed the films principal photography on June 17th, 2013.   “The thing that’s so exciting to all of us about this project is that the ‘gay’ aspect of the movie is entirely incidental to the plot,” says Such Good People director, Stuart Wade. “The movie just happens to be about a gay couple off on an adventure together. And frankly, I believe this is the future of gay cinema, where gay characters are not only — or totally — defined by their sexuality.” Screenwriter, David Michael Barrett adds, “They are just a couple who want what everyone wants: Home, family, and a fabulous house in Silverlake. And they are just as smart — or otherwise — as everyone else in the movie.”

Such Good People

The comedy, about a gay couple (Michael Urie & Randy Harrison) who find a million dollars while housesitting, is the latest project from acclaimed indie director Stewart Wade (“Coffee Date” & “Tru Loved”) and screenwriter David Michael Barrett (“Bad Actress”). Also on board are veteran indie producer David Avallone, along with executive producers are Geoffrey Soffer and Jen Namoff.

In addition to Michael Urie (“Ugly Betty”) and Randy Harrison (“Queer as Folk”), the movie boasts an impressive list of comedy and gay icons: Carrie Wiita (“Reno 911”), comedian Alec Mapa, Ana Ortiz (“Ugly Betty”), Lance Bass (*NSYNC), legendary character actor Rick Overton, Tom Lenk (Cabin in the Woods”), Drew Droege (Chloë Sevigny videos), Mitch Silpa (“Bridesmaids”), and James Urbaniak (“Henry Fool”).  Scott Wolf (“Part of Five”) and Broadway’s Kate Reinders (“Wicked”), also appear, playing celebrity philanthropists, who raise money for the orphans of Bhutan.

Such Good People has already achieved a significant buzz, with almost 30,000 followers across multiple social media platforms, as filmmakers got their initial funding on

“We are so thrilled by how well production went. Our amazing cast created nothing less than on-screen magic. And we really want to aim high for our little movie. So we need your help!”



–>Filming one more day of picks-ups and additional photography

–>Sound Mix and Design

–>MUSIC (hiring a composer, musicians, music editor and arranger)

–>Creating our really fun OPENING TITLES

–>Color Correction & Deliverables

–>FILM FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS (We want to finish the film ASAP so we can submit the movie to Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin, Cannes, SXSW and others)

“Our fundraising goal is $32,500 — but our STRETCH GOAL (which will help us market the movie better is $42,000.) Marketing a movie like ours will make all the difference in whether it’s a movie only seen in film festivals or if it becomes a real breakout film like THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, JUNO or LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. SUCH GOOD PEOPLE could be one of those films — with your help!”

For more information, please contact: or call 323-646-7721, or take a look at their Finishing Funds campaign on indiegogo.

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  1. Mark says:

    This is fantastic. I think this is just what we need as a community, to have gay roles that are treated as a more complex character and not exclusively defined by their sexuality. Can’t wait to see it!

    • Indie It Gal says:

      I agree completely! We are all complex characters and sexuality is only one small part of what makes each individual. It’s wonderful that filmmakers and screenwriters like David Michael Barret are busting that sexuality ceiling and possibly making a change in the history of cinema. Like you, I can’t WAIT to see this movie! I wish “Such Good People” all the best. Thank you for your wonderful comment and for reading our article on Indie It Press. I hope you join us again. Best to you! Leisa Greene ~ Indie It Gal

  2. Hi Mark — thank you! Yes, that’s exactly why we made the movie. We are right now in the final stretch of our InideGoGo Campaign. Please check it out and get in on our fantastic perks — while at the same time knowing you’re helping us finish the movie.

    Here’s the link:


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