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dr.a.g the World’s Most Glam Book

dr.a.g by Christopher Logan the World’s Most Glam Book featuring top drag by top fashion photographers.

But you can’t keep a drag queen down. Much less 300 or so bound together, dressed and ready to go!

The new edition of the dr.a.g book, now published by author Christopher Logan’s company BOOKTHEFILM, with distribution through all the same chains and networks as before will be released early next year. There will be additional material including: New York’s club-glam explosion Acid Betty, the enigmatic color’s of Puerto Ricans– Yara Sofia and Queen Bee Ho, and even Aussie bad boy-girl Dallas Dellaforce.

ARTICLE About dr.a.g

~by Dustin Waine Nelson~

            “It’s amazing what a man can accomplish when he’s wearing the right dress,” reads a tongue-in-cheek quote from dr.a.g by bookthefilm. Before the time of sky-high hair, press on nails, and boldly painted faces, dr.a.g simply stood for “dressed as girl” and originated from the early days of theatre when men played women’s roles. Overtime, drag evolved into the culture we know and love. Gay men dressed up as women with bold, often inappropriate personalities designed to entertain and amuse. Nowadays, drag is not only important to queer culture, but has earned its place in culture at large. This important form of art, entertainment, comedy, and activism is celebrated in the book dr.a.g in 164 pages of splendid, vibrant photography showing that drag is as colorful and diverse as the rainbow.

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“Imitation is the most glamorous form of flattery,” and several gorgeous photos in the book prove this to be true. The photographs of Chad Michaels as Cher and Eddie Edwards as Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler earn a double take while Jimmy James stuns as Marilyn Monroe.

While these classic queens fill the book as dazzling dopplegangers to icons of the past, there are equally as many queens who look to the future. Dr.a.g is swarming with queens who push boundaries and force the reader to question what drag is while they run the gamut of the glamorous, gory, and galactic.

The photographs of Jeffree Star stopped me dead in my tracks as florescent hair and make up and the bold beautiful face of Star’s close up hypnotized me. On the opposite page a rare drag nude of Star, heavily tattooed and kneeling on the floor wearing nothing but fierce heels and hot pink driving gloves delighted me. These, and other over the top photos of queens such as Glitz Glam, Krystal Something-Something, and Peaches Christ show that drag has many faces.

Of course, what would a book celebrating drag be without the familiar faces of drag icons that paved the way for the aforementioned performers? Trailblazers such as Miss Coco Peru and Lady Bunny have their place in dr.a.g as well looking as gorgeous and hilarious as ever. Their familiar faces reminding us of where modern drag came from and where it is going.

Dr.a.g deserves celebration for its outstanding accomplishment in bringing together a diverse menagerie of images and people to stun the senses and remind us that dr.a.g isn’t what you wear or who you are…it’s how you wear who you are.

Go to to see how you can help save the dr.a.g book and make your world more glam at the same time!

@2013Dustin Waine Nelson-Indie It Press – Photographs are property of dr.a.g by bookthefilm and the photographers. Use of the photographs without consent is strictly prohibited.

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