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Category: Indie It Style

Fashion & Function | by Dustin Waine

Fashion & Function | by Dustin Waine

Fashion & Function by Dustin Waine Indie It Style Take a gander at the USA made products in leather totes and Victor athletic clothing. Find a little Levi pride via the Kentucky Gent with the Levi’s Pride 2015 Collection.  Meet Eolo Perfido, a photographer and educator who has two distinct collection of prints: The Creative […]

Rustic Lux Modern: Designs by Dan Landrum

Rustic Lux Modern: Designs by Dan Landrum

This past summer, I ran a feature on Dan Landrum and his beautifully unique, eco-friendly designs called “The Rounded Flute Collection”.   Recently, MAKE magazine  published an article called, “My Quest to Turn Smart Craft into a Sustainable Business.” They asked him to tell his story about making laser cut cardboard products over the past […]

Nager - Designs by Nic Hyl

Nager – Designs by Nic Hyl

  Nager, designs by  Nic Hyl, is a women’s  swim brand solely created by Nicole Hylton. The name Nager (pronounced Na-Jay), is French for swim, and for now, Nic Hyl’s design focus is on swim wear and cover-ups. I asked Nic to relay to me a story that not many people know about her.  Nic […]

Scruffy Girl Designs

Scruffy Girl Designs

From headbands to mini and micro skirts, from beach wear to crop tops and all sorts of accessories, Scruffy Girl has designer knitwear and clothing any gal desires.  I want to thank designer and entrepreneur Tracey for taking the time to tell us about her style, designs, and how she started Scruffy Girl Clothing.  Now […]



Colored pants have been a style trend for a couple of years now, and I think it’s important to realize how versatile they can be. If you’re new to the realm of colored pants, try a darker color before jumping into the cherry red or neon hues that are so hot right now and opt […]

"Wrapped Up"

“Wrapped Up”

I love the versatility of a beautiful wrap sweater. The ability to dress it up or down is priceless making it an invaluable fall and winter staple. Here I put together a look that’s somewhere in between pairing the sweater with flat boots, over the knee socks and chic jewelry though the look would work […]

Indie "It" Design

“Black on Black”

For winter I love the look of long, loose layers in luxurious fabrics and chic black. A baggy dress with an oversized cardigan and wool tights creates an effortlessly stylish look that can be dressed up or down. The Agate cuff by Charlene K gives the outfit a glamorous edge that isn’t overly glitzy.

"Well Plaid"

“Well Plaid”

Plaid may be my favorite pattern of all time, and during this time of year I love it in a thick buffalo pattern on a warm flannel. This look can be a little masculine and that’s okay. Pair it with some sexy, dark skinners to maintain your girlish figure and wear with casual boots and […]

"Warm Up"

“Warm Up”

Winter is upon us and being warm and comfortable, but stylish is essential. The key to successful winter dressing is fun layering. Items like this patterned toggle front cardigan are perfect for a busy January weekend. Wear it with jeans and your favorite t-shirt and a go-to bag and boots for a well rounded look […]

"The Blues"

“The Blues”

Obviously blue jeans are a style staple. But what if we took an old standby and gave it a new twist. Cobalt blue can be as regal as it is rock and really pops against black. I recommend pairing these bright jeans with a faded denim shirt for a denim on denim look with a […]

Be You

Be You

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent Style can mean a lot of things. To some, it is the difference between good taste and bad. To others it is a form of self expression and helps say things to the world that can’t be heard. Life is a sensory experience and we don’t […]