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Casey Ryan’s June Lineup and Other Tidbits


Nikki Is’ Everything and the Kitchen Sink Podcast.

Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor June Lineup and Other Things – Casey is blazing the indie world utilizing his “off” time to promote his passion, indie artists.  Here are some other random tidbits about Casey working his hobby: On May 18th he made a guest appearance on Nikki Is’ Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast. Replay here Today, Friday, May 30th, he is acting as a guest co-host on Live from the Morgue , AND  on Tuesday, June 10th, he is one of 3 people being honored by McGill Toastmasters at their next Alumi Night.  Casey had a Bonus Show on Talkshoe JasonWarnerSmithJune 18th, where Casey got an offer he couldn’t pass up.  He was contacted by the publicist for actor Jayson Warner Smith.  Jayson has a recurring role on the critically acclaimed SundanceTV drama “Rectify” – season 2 of which starts June 19th.

Casey, I’m sweating just writing this.  KUDOS MAN!  We here in the Indie Sphere appreciate all you do to help garner attention and gather the masses.  Now for Casey’s June Lineup This Week —–>

Casey Ryan’s June Lineup on The Mixx Talk Radio

Sunday at 2PM EST June 22 on The MIXX Radio:


– “8 Sided FilmsSpecial: The Production Company – Guests from a few projects will be on. Casey gave them the whole hour and Lee Hulme, Tennyson Stead, and the whole company will be there!

First Half:

Tennyson E Stead

Tennyson E Stead Smaller


Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook



Gerard Marzilli


Website    |     Twitter


Tybee Diskin


Twitter     |     Facebook


Lee Hulme


Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook


Second Half:

Tennyson E Stead

Lee Hulme


Tyler Seiple


Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook


Erin Stack

Erin Stack Small

Twitter     |     Facebook


Katelyn Myer


Twitter     |     Profile 8 Sided Forum

And Cobra Venom, for whom our compose Dan Hegarty is the drummer, will be providing a track to play between segments.

Twitter     |     Website


Sunday at 2PM EST June 29:

Yaniv Berman: Director –  Interesting story – he’s an Israeli director working with a producer who is Palestinian on a project called “Land of the Little People”. Casey is hoping to get them both on at once.

Evan Kidd: Filmmaker

Previously Aired ——————–>

Sunday at 2PM EST June 1rise_spyres1_tab_1

Wolf & Susan from the “Live From the Morgue” show – Susan also doubles as my Hound Comics guest as Susan is a signed author with Hound.

The first book of the series, ‘Rise of the Spyres: The Beginning’, is the story of a courageous woman known as Shilo. On the night that her parents were to explain the unusual events surrounding their family, a tragic accident takes their lives. Soon after, Shilo’s uncle Telius, a good friend to the family, steps up to take over as her and her twin brother Danko’s lone guardian. Shilo discovers Telius is more than a guardian. As time passes, Telius slowly begins to unravel the true meaning to Shilo’s life; she is the leader of a clan of super humans known as ‘Spyres’. Shilo’s destiny is to lead them against their mortal enemies known as the Telkins. Shilo partakes in this epic adventure, as she has to make the decisions between life and death, love and betrayal and the ultimate decision of the war that rages inside all of us, Good vs. Evil.

The_PretenderSteven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle – Creators of The Pretender (follow-up to April’s print interview they did on Casey Ryan’s blog.) “As luck and having amazing lawyers would have it, the rights to the Pretender recently reverted back to us, and we are excited to be able to bring the Pretender back now in a variety of exciting ways.” Craig W. Van Sickle





Sunday at 2PM EST June 8

Todd Middleman: Musician/entrepreneur from ArizonaTheInstantClassics

“We just want everyone to feel like a rock star when they are up on stage with us,” says Todd Middleman, bass player for THE INSTANT CLASSICS, a live karaoke and cover band. The group, now comprised of six rocking musicians, has made this their goal, and their infectious energy and live interactive audience participation has helped make this goal a successful one. THE INSTANT CLASSICS is a refreshing change from the ordinary cover band.


Click HERE to view their song list.

Sunday at 2PM EST June 15

PenelopeSweetPenelope Sweet: Author

“Penelope Sweet is a lifelong believer in magic and monsters and it’s this belief that drives her to search within the shadows for the darkest of tales. A lover of all things horror and all things macabre, Penelope’s passion is to bring you the stories that send chills down your spine, keep you awake in the night and most of all keep you coming back for more.” Bio – Penelope Sweet Website

About Wolves Among Men:Wolves Among Men

It’s funny how it only takes one moment, one simple action to throw a normal life into utter chaos After the death of their parents Ethan Harlow and his sister Cordillia do the best they can to pick up the pieces and live a normal life but after an attack that leaves Ethan in the ICU, their lives quickly become anything but normal.

Noticing some strange changes in himself Ethan sets off across California to find an answer, a name for what he has become but what he finds instead is far worse than anything he could have imagined.

A centuries old evil waiting to return, a race of creatures that shouldn’t exist and war Ethan never meant to start. With the help of his new friends and the woman that made him Ethan must make a choice…

Will he run for his life? Or stay and fight at the side of the wolves that have become like a family to him?

Penelope Sweet Author Blog – The Ramblings of a Neurotic Princess

Danny Meyers: Montreal-based musician


Actor Jayson Warner Smith– Jayson has a recurring role on the critically acclaimed SundanceTV drama “Rectify” – season 2 of which starts June 19th.

Leah Cevoli –  Actress/producer/publicist was Casey’s guest in the second half of the show.

Leah is an accomplished host; having MC’d thousands of live events, from rock concerts, to charity benefits, to children’s’ events, many of which were also produced by Cevoli. She was the only on-camera host to travel to the 75th Anniversary of Sturgis’ Bike Rally in 2010 garnering her on-camera interviews with members of legendary rock bands Guns N’ Roses, and Alice In Chains.

Whether on the Red Carpet, In-Studio, On-Stage, or Backstage at a Rock concert, host Leah Cevoli keeps the conversation flowing, puts her subject at ease, and most importantly has FUN!

For Booking:

Host information courtesy of Leah Cevoli’s Website



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