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Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor: Holiday the Indie Way

Stand-up Comic Ramzy Sweis

Stand-up Comic Ramzy Sweis

Holiday the Indie Way with Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor during December.  Casey’s show is going to have a ton of surprises, and one of  those shows includes me!  I was already jacked to do it, then Casey said,  “We could have some fun with a ‘2013 year in review’ kind of thing.”  Let me just say… I am pumped-up to talk about the indie talent this past year has brought us.  We will discuss who is an indie “GO”, who is sizzling HOT right now and which indie’s we will keep our eye on during 2014.  I’m sure our opinions will differ on some of the indie artists–  We will definitely agree on some and possibly argue about some others.  Siskel and Ebert of the indie artists… Oh how I dream!  Just so you know Casey, I wear glasses, so I’m Ebert.  Let’s give listeners “brain candy”!

I’m not the only holiday month feature; Casey will interview stand-up comic Ramzy Sweis and Derek Krantz from ABC’s Nashville.  Casey will also glean some exciting information about the possibility of getting local channels back for free, thanks to a couple of merging indie companies:  Black Dog Promotions and GSI Global.  Casey will get the scoop from the co-founder and founder of these two companies and fill everyone in.  Take a look at the full line-up below.  Listen to Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor to holiday the indie way!


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– Friday, Dec. 6, 10:00 pm EST – Hound Comics Friday – Marcelo Bravo

Ultravixen #1 on sale from Hound Comics

Thanks to Marcelo Bravo for writing and keeping the Ultravixen on the rails.

– Sunday, Dec. 8, 12pm EST. – writer Chris Walker

The Green-Eyed Necklace: The Revolution of Xerta by Chris Walker

Living in a supernatural world full of mutants and wizards is pretty normal for a mutant-sorcerer like Pete, but finding a green-eyed necklace in his basement is not. When the necklace starts to glow and show him images of the past, revealing an important duty he must fulfill, Pete learns that he could be the savior of his world.

Join Pete as he journeys to Goodrick’s School of Mutant and Wizard Sorcery, where he discovers how to hone his powers and defeat the evil King Falcort. Will Pete save his magical realm? Or will evil triumph? Find out in Christopher Walker’s adventurous and exciting novel, The Green-eyed Necklace.

– Friday, Dec. 13, 10pm EST – director/producer Tina Cesa Ward

Producing Juliet : Realizing her open relationship isn’t working, Rebecca finds a new focus in the foreign world of theatre by producing the sophomore effort of lovelorn playwright, Juliet, forming a partnership that will put everyone’s drama on stage.

Tina is the Executive Producer/Writer/Director of what many call the most watched and beloved independent scripted drama on the web, Anyone But Me. Anyone But Me has brought home nearly ever award in the industry and in 2011 Tina won (along with Susan Miller) the first ever Writers Guild award for Original New Media. She has been nominated several times for her directing, including a Streamy award. And in 2013 won the International Academy of Web TV award for Best Directing in a Drama. In 2010 Tina directed the branded web series Bestsellers. In the fall of 2011 Tina debuted the critically acclaimed Good People in Love, a dramatic mini series for the web.

Between the stage, screen and web Tina has been awarded over a dozen times.

– Sunday, Dec. 15, 12pm EST – Double Episode: indie metal band A.Z. and writer Rainy Kerwin and Narmar Hanna 

– The Wedding Invitation

We’re currently funding the feature film THE WEDDING INVITATION. It’s a female-driven romantic comedy that will entertain, inspire and make you laugh.

This project is A Film for Women, by Women. Our entire crew and lead cast will all be women. Last year of the top 250 grossing films, women accounted for only 18% of the writers, producers and editors. And only 7% of directors. We’re determined to up those numbers. We have an audience. We have a voice. And we have the talent. Women in Hollywood are a growing force. Join us!

“The Wedding Invitation is a gem of a script, it’s contemporary, has original characters, lashings of humor and a big heart!” -Clare Kilner, Director, The Wedding Date with Amy Adams

We want to enable women through self-empowerment in all industries. That is why we’re donating 5% of the film’s net profits to 10 women’s charities and organizations.

Women can do amazing things when we come together. Thanks for being a part of our project.

– Monday, Dec. 16th – 10PM EST Actor Derek Krantz – ABC’s Nashville 

“Nashville” (10 episodes ) 

I’m Tired of Pretending (4 December 2013) – Brent McKinner

Next US airings:

Wed. Dec. 4 10:00 PM ABC Tomorrow Never Comes (11 December 2013) – Brent McKinney

Next US airings: Wed. Dec. 11 10:00 PM ABC Episode #2.11 (26 February 2014) – Brent McKinney

– Wednesday, Dec. 18 – stand-up comic Ramzy Sweis – I Never Repeat A Joke – 63 Shows 31 Venues

Get it all on Funny or Die .

– Sunday, Dec. 26, 12 pm EST – You 🙂  Leisa Greene of Indie It Press talks with Casey Ryan We will discuss the 2013 Indie “GO’s” of the year, who is HOT, and who to keep our eye on in 2014.

Sunday, Dec. 29, 12pm EST – Tank Jones, actor and co-founder of GSI Global & Scott Kelly – founder of Black Dog Promotions

Tank Jones has known the Founder of Black Dog Promotions, Scott Kelly for many years from Jones’ prior career in hip-hop music and also through Jones’ own non-profit organization, Choices Education Empowerment which helps people believe in themselves, dream big, set goals, create a workable plan and maintain a can-do attitude. “With Scott’s background and what he’s done, this partnership is perfect,” said Jones. GSI Global, Inc. currently has 50 channels providing content for the consumer market. Black Dog Promotions embraces the opportunities and exposure that GSI Global, Inc. will be able to provide with a vast array of content to many different audiences across nearly all platforms.

“We’re going to be one of the first companies to offer local channels for free. You’ll be able to watch all your local channels for free without a subscription to a cable or satellite provider,” said Jones. “We’re also affiliated with DISH Network and we provide the cable for lots of hotels, military bases and apartment complexes.” GSI Global, Inc. is also looking forward to providing premium content to foreign countries that don’t have access to quality content and programming.

Previously Aired —————————->>

– Sunday, Dec. 1 – Double Episode – murder novelist Bob Moats and actress Jean Franzblau  – Coming Out Kinky

Los Angeles, CA (November 20, 2013)

Writer/Producer/Actress Jean Franzblau unveils the 2014 World Premiere of her sexy play featuring themes of erotic curiosity and empowerment. Based on her own experience of discovery after a painful breakup, the story tracks Franzblau as she gives herself permission to experiment sexually. “It started me on a journey that I just couldn’t stop writing about,” she explains.

When Franzblau learned that there were S&M dungeons in Los Angeles where she lived, she decided to visit one. She was shocked to realize that she had secret desires that only S&M could quench. Franzblau has since come out to family and friends which inspired the show’s title, Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Story.

Franzblau collaborated with Director Karen Aschenbach for eighteen months to get the show performance ready. Now they’ve launched a campaign on to raise funds for the World Premier. “So far I’ve invested about $12,000 in developing the show,” says Franzblau. “Once the rest of the funding is in place, I’ll pull the trigger and schedule it.”

So far the show has raised over $7,000. For more information and to support the show, go to KinkyJean.


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