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Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor April Lineup

MIXXTalkCasey Ryan –  Cutting Room Floor April Lineup – Casey  started April out with his last Friday night show on the Talkshoe platform. He did a 2 hour marathon – 4 interviews and 5 guests total. The lineup is featured on this post under previously recorded.

It is going well for Casey on The MIXX Talk Radio. Many are “digging” his new show format with the addition to indie music, and his double-header interviews.  The sound on The MIXX Radio is clean, clear, and very big-time sounding with the promo and theme song by Michael Cardillo.

During his ‘spare time’ Casey also writes a blog.  Casey did a “print” interview with Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle – creators of the TV series “The Pretender” which ran for 4 years on NBC in the late 90s. They recently brought the characters back in the form of 2 novels. The Pretender: Virtual Book Tour. Casey’s blog interview is very well worth the read.  We love your show Casey! Without further ado, here is his Cutting Room Floor April lineup –>

The MIXX Talk Radio

The MIXX Talk Radio Chat Room

Cutting Room Floor lineup Sunday, April 27 – 2PM:

Music by the Werebears

Actor Shaun Mazoka & writer/producer Joel BoyceCooked (webseries)

Filmmaker Rebecca Honett – Starving in Hollywood (webseries)


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Previously Recorded –>  Get the recordings HERE

Friday, April 4 – 10PM:

– My last Friday night show for a while (and the last one I ran live on the Talkshoe platform/old format). I did a 2 hour marathon – 4 interviews and 5 guests total.

– Andrew Armelim and Tristan Nall – Hound Comics’ new series “Post Human”

– Filmmaker Mark Tarrant – Blood and Spurs

Pop-culture artist Jim Ferguson

– Actor Kevin Sizemore – Resurrection (ABC drama series)

Sunday, April 6 – 2PM:

– Author Exie Smith – Welcome to my Paranormal Life

– Actor Shawn Andrews & filmmaker Robert Saitzyk – The Last Beat

– Featuring music by Steel Threads – UK folk/rock group

Cutting Room Floor lineup – Friday April 18th – 10PM EST on the TalkShoe Format:

– Comic book creators Marcelo Bravo & Eric Nelson – Prymal: The Jungle Girl

An upcoming Maelstrom Media comic title Prymal: The Jungle Girl by Marcelo Bravo and Eric Alan Nelson.

Filmmaker Travis Legge

Travis has written two independent comic book miniseries Reckoning (an homage to late 1970’s revenge films) and Corpus Christie and the Cape Girls (the story of a girl who is so Goth that she is dead).

An avid user of Twitter, the majority of Travis’s film industry connections, including several cast members of Raymond Did It, were the result of friendships and conversations formed on the micro-blogging site.


Cutting Room Floor lineup – Sunday, April 20 – 2PM:

– Featuring music by Layden Robinson – UK rock artist


Filmmaker Sarah Moshman – The Empowerment Project

Filmmaker Joshua Caldwell

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