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“All Things Holy”: An Art Exhibition – Terre Britton

all-things-holy-poster-575px1Terre Britton, a great supporter of indie art and a social networking friend of mine, is having her first art exhibition titled “All Things Holy”.  She was awarded the honor of a solo exhibition when she won Best of Show for “The Green Vase,” in September, 2012, at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL. Most of the work to be on display has been created since that date. Her work is breathtakingly vivid, and here on Indie It Press we have featured a few of her pieces.  I want to do a shout-out to my friend Terre and say congratulations!  Terre is featuring her new recent work as well and if you are traveling around Pensacola, Florida, stop in at the Artel Gallery from June 4th – July 12th, her work is a must see!

Check out her website Breathing Art and take a look at the talent that is

Terre Britton.


“I Am Orange II” (c)2012, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 16″
by Terre Britton

Thank you for supporting indie artists.  Indie It Gal ~ Leisa Greene

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  1. Thank you, Leisa, for your kindhearted and thoughtful recognition! You are amazing and I am honored. This experience has been, and is, such a thrill, and your post is a grand surprise! It boosts the excitement to the next level. I am so fortunate to have met a kindred spirit of your caliber. In a very short time, you have earned my utmost respect and are deserving of bountiful rewards for your altruism throughout the arts community. From your wide-reaching interests and strong talents, I look forward to constantly learning through your site. Many thanks again, Leisa, and hugs all around. <3

    • Leisa Greene says:

      Terre, You are very welcome! It is not difficult to give shout-outs and support to someone as talented and beautiful inside as you. I am so excited for you dear lady and wish you the very best with this show. Your soul and your art uplift my spirits on a regular basis. You truly are a gem! Enjoy this wonderful experience and time of your life. Soak it all in. May great blessings and rewards come, meeting of new people, and gifts of further opportunities. Thank you for all you give Terre, hugs to you as well. Know you are in my thoughts the next few weeks. Leisa

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