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About Indie It Press


People spread their individuality like an artist’s brush, effecting their audience, infusing the words of their talent, unique style,  and passion.  Indie performers engage others to feel artistically and creatively, this describes and defines life.  This engagement with an indie artist bleeds and splatters, moving from one listener, watcher, reader on to another one, all the while continuously creating.

People’s individual actions,  ideas, creative sounds, brush strokes, words and compositions are how Indie It Press got its start in September of 2012.  I saw one person braving the masses, sharing their individual talent with others, and I had to write about it.  That one person shared their gift with me and many others along the way. After finding that incredible artist, I realized I was starving. I wanted to help and I wanted to find more of these gems. I had to search, seek, discover and then in turn share about the artists on

I believe the indie artist splatters their talent like paint flicked off a brush onto a large canvas.  Indie musicians, filmmakers, artists, actors, playwrights, and designers take risks and share their passion with others. Their shared creativity bleeds into other people’s lives, enriching it.  Indie work throughout the years impacts everyone.  This online magazine, Indie It Press, is dedicated to those souls whose work does not go unrecognized.

Our motto at Indie It Press:  “Living the indie life.”  We add to that: No expectations and no limits to what you can do.

You will find: indie musicians’ stories; indie filmmakers’ stories;  indie film and book reviews; indie guest authors, poets, and artists; indie fashion; indie “it” travel spots;  and special interest stories about anyone that is an indie “it” artist of any kind.  

Thank you for reading and talking about the indie it life.


Indie It Gal



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