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7 Things About Me and The Versatile Blogger Award

Susan Sarandon - Photo courtesy of

Susan Sarandon – Photo courtesy of

7 Things About Me and The Versatile Blogger Award –

#1) I’ve always wanted to walk the Red Carpet Susan Sarandon style, 60 plus and still sexy. I’m no where near 50 and she is actually 65, well I’m closer to 50 than I want to admit… you get the point.  It is favorable to me that this award is offered up and accepted in Cyber Space.  Instead, #2) I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop (on my lap, YEP) in my pink plaid PJ bottoms and black thread-bare camisole that I will never toss , #3) wearing my new cat-rimmed eye glasses, #4)  with my hair up in a clip that doesn’t control my conditioned curly-frayed strands. #5) My shoulders sway to my favorite JJ Grey and Mofro song, while I think some more before I type and #6) take a sip of my iced coffee.  photo

(clears throat)… I graciously accept this nomination made to me by my cyber friend Stephanie Neighbour. I say she is a cyber friend because I have yet to meet her face-to-face.  This does not diminish our friendship because we have connected through our written words, our passion.  Stephanie and I found out we have so many things in common, AND… not in common. We share our ups and downs in our craft as well as share some of our personal lives with each other, and for that I am ever grateful. My kids know her on a first name basis as if she attends family BBQ’s with us once a week. Maybe we need to do a Skype BBQ Steph, from Jersey to Montana!

Neighbor_028-smallIf you haven’t read Stephanie Neighbour’s blog your missing out on some honest, fun, and relate-able storytelling.  Her blog tagline: Laugh at Life, Speak Your Truth. She is also editing her work-in-progress as we speak and #7) I personally will jump ahead of all of you in cyber line to buy her book!

I accept this nomination from Stephanie with enthusiasm and willingness to write an even more diverse blog for my readers who are in love with the indie revolution of artists, and the movement in this country on our ever important social issues.  Stephanie and I quickly found out that we both shared a passion for using our platforms as a voice for the important issues of the LGBTQI community.  Due to this nomination, I plan to work harder to help create awareness, start discussion, and help forward change.  I’m calling it “Uploading Change”.

My very special thanks goes to the unnamed others that helped to create this blog:  Ann Bodle-Nash, my rock and backbone.  She creates content that is brave and true to the incredible woman that she is.  Ann writes what she wants and dares, and because of this she has an incredible following of readers.   Ann is also my Google Queen.  This award is for you as well my dear friend.  Dustin Waine Nelson, my son and support.  His incredible knack for PR has helped me to garner attention and readers from all over the world.  I would not be part of the twitter social media world if it were not for my son and his foresight.  His attention to design and detail adds to our little eZine.  It was a little less than two years ago that I thought of this project and the three of us sat at the Liquid Planet coffee shop, in The Book Exchange, planning and building this site.  We didn’t know what this would bring in the future, but we were going to have fun expressing, writing, and trying.  To Mark, Michael, Jalnn, and Kurtis, all of you have contributed in some way more than once, being around me and living with me.  Your support, input, and feedback are worth millions to me.  Thank you to all; it’s been a great journey!

If you are not familiar with the Versatile Blogger Award, here’s the link to the rules.  Here are my nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award that I follow, AND… they are an eclectic bunch.  That’s why I love them!   I’ve included the links to their blogs so click on each name and enjoy some incredibly talented writers, artists, and people.

And The Award Goes To…


Tom Davis – More for  Revamp. Rebuff. Restyle.  AND a New Video Every Thursday

Lydia Aswolf   What is voice? The essence of your soul, distilled into words.

Lee Hulme – Miscellaneous Geekery 

Taylor Evan Fulks – From Darkness into the Light…

Nikki Is  Everything And The Kitchen Sink   A Music Show , a Joe Strummer Corner, and a Blog for RANTS 

Christina Z  Turbulence in the Veins

Robbie Cox  The Mess That Is Me

Terre Britton – Breathing Art

Laura LME – Verses In Motion

Kathy – Beauty Blogger aka The Makeup Detective

Greg Mischio –  Epiphanies that will Alter the Course of Human Events

Eden Baylee

About #5… My ultimate favorite indie musician above all is JJ Grey & Mofro.  I’ve seen him live twice: the first time in Missoula, the second in Spokane with two loves of my life Kurtis and Jalynn.  After the show in Spokane everyone was screaming for MORE. ENCORE! I yelled out, “play The Sun is Shining Down!”  JJ Grey was backstage at the time. He returned to the main stage, looked at Kurtis and I, pointed towards us with a smile and nod, JJ (yes, now we are on a first name basis… in my HEAD) played what I requested.  JJ’s gritty soulful voice always enamors me. This is mine and Kurtis’ song.  Mushy.  I shamelessly admit it.

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About the Author: Leisa Greene’s passions include writing about music, theater, film, food, art, family and friends -- all of which are supported by the community of Missoula and an IV line of dark-roasted iced coffee. She is the English Department’s Administrative Associate of Graduate Admissions at her alma mater, University of Montana; the editor-in-chief of Indie It Press; and the author of a memoir manuscript currently titled EARLY OUT. Her other writing consists of short essays (Brother Townsend and A Jamboree Family), playwriting (The Beckett Syndrome) and screenwriting. “The only regret you will ever have is if you never write it. So, go write it Mom. “ – Dustin Nelson, my son

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I loved this post, Leisa and YES to the Skype BBQ!!! I’m in. 🙂 First, Susan Sarandon has nothing on you because you, my dear, are fabulous. Next, I LOVE the idea of your new platform, Uploading Change and anything I can do to support, contribute, whatever…I’m in. I’m so grateful for having connected with you and wish nothing but continued success and happiness for you and the family. Here’s to you, girlfriend…*raises morning coffee in your honor* Keep doing what you do and forget standing in cyber line, I am sending you a copy of the book—expected in early 2020. LOL Much love…xx

    • Indie It Gal says:

      Stephanie, Early 2020!!! LOL. Your book will be out in the masses much sooner than that. I’m certain of it! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement, some days I keep going in this direction because of you my friend. You help me take notice and stay on task. Much happiness to you GIRLFRIEND! xoxo Leisa

  2. eden baylee says:

    Leisa, thanks so much for the lovely inclusion amongst your other fabulous finds. Honored. xo

  3. Thank you for including me, Leisa! You are an amazing friend. And the cat-rimmed eye glasses are just way-cool. 🙂

    • Indie It Gal says:

      Terre, The family approves of my cat-rimmed eye glasses. I just keep thinking of my great great grandmother! 🙂 I’ve never known anyone more gracious, humble, and wonderfully talented as you Terre. Thank you for all of your support over the past year. Leisa

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